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Trading Career Development Programme


For those of you with a burning desire to become a full time professional trader and the dream of one day being able to trade millions, then this is a one stop shop programme for you. Designed as a 6 month programme, you will learn all you need to know about trading the financial markets in a hands on fully supported online trading environment.  This will consist of covering all the various trading techniques which we employ across currencies, stocks, commodities, indices and other asset classes. In a nut shell this is the most complete, the most thought through, the most advanced and we believe the best programme on becoming a complete trader that you will find anywhere. The programme is broken down as follows:

Click here for the brochure and detailed programme breakdown.

Forex Section, you get access to the following for 6 months:


Forex Pro Trader course

Access to all 18 hours of modular structured step by step instructions,  on how to trade currencies the institutional way by focusing on bank manipulation, and market maker participation as well as numerous professional strategies designed to give you an edge in trading.

Daily Trade setups

Get to see which currency pairs to focus on, as well as what setups to wait for and how to execute the strategy for each day. These are published at the start of the London session and identify key levels that you need to watch for potential trading opportunities as well as what to do when that happens.

Daily video reviews

There is nothing like going back over the day and week’s trading to assess how you traded and whether you identified every potential trading opportunity. We do this daily and go over the trades and setups of the day plus how they were traded in accordance with our rules.

Trading tools

Receive the tools for your trading to download and install on your trading platform. This will enable you to identify trading opportunities more easily.

Equities & Other Markets Section, you get access to the following for 6 months:

Fibonacci Master Trader Course

You will receive the full 28 hours of in depth step by step instructional videos, focusing on Market Structure,Trend Analysis, Fibonacci Analysis ,Harmonics pattern recognition ,A.B.C.D patterns, Time cycle Analysis, Entry Techniques.

and strategy implementation to name a few topics. By the time you finish this section you will be able to understand and interpret the structure of any market and any timeframe as well as be able to predict what the market is most likely going to do with a high degree of accuracy.

Daily Market Review

Access to our daily trading guide created by our head traders highlighting which stocks and commodities  are setting up for the day, as well as the entry levels to watch. This is invaluable as it will give you a plan of action for the day so that you are not left alone but can see clearly how to implement the strategies taught.

Proprietary Trade Alerts:

Get the trade alerts as they happen, so that if a trade setup we were waiting for on a stock, commodity or currency takes place, and the correct entry criteria is met, t we send you an email with clear instructions on entry execution, stop loss and profit target levels. You can use this to confirm whether you are implementing the strategies taught correctly. Please note this is an educational service and we do not recommend trades – we simply send out trading ideas and trades that meet our rules for entry for your ongoing educational development.


Support Services 

Weekly 1 to 1 Mentoring Sessions for 8 weeks

Each week every trader on the programme will receive a one to one mentoring session with one of our head traders so we can assess your trading performance and recommend how to improve. Please note that we will hold you accountable and expect you to do your homework rather than just turn up to the session for an instruction lesson. The mentoring session is structured so that you develop as an all rounded trader and will get you focused on different aspects of your trading at different weeks. The goal here is to answer your individual questions and work on your own development.

Monthly Q&A Sessions for 6 months

We will hold a monthly webinar where we go through any questions you may have as well as any additional lessons we wish to teach you. We will also go through practical demonstrations of how to implement the strategies using trade examples and exercises. In short you get to have all your questions asked and continue to grow as a trader.

Life Time Access to the members forum

Make contacts, find a trading buddy, discuss ideas and network and trade with other committed traders like yourself. None of us got to where we are on our own so we will give you access to this private members forum for life in order to keep you active and engaged in the trading community.

Trading Journal

A tool kit in which you will be keeping a log of your trades. You will receive a detailed excel spreadsheet at no additional cost to note down your trades for review and performance assessment.

Comprehensive Trading Business Plan

Just as every business needs a business plan, so every trader needs a trading plan detailing how he/she will carry out their trading business. You need to be clear on what markets you will be trading, what your trading style will be whether short term, medium term or long term. Also, you need to understand how you will grow from a normal trader to one capable of trading millions and with large funds under management. We will guide you during the construction of your plan and make sure that you have one that will work for you and that you can stay committed to. Trading is more than just buying or selling, it is about why you are trading first and foremost then how you will accomplish it. If you read the profile of every successful trader you will find that their success was not due to their technical ability but rather their reason for wanting to be successful in the first place. As such a trader who trades without an effective trading plan is trading blind.

Trading Income Streams

Full Financial Backing for profitable traders

As a reward for your trading consistency we will consider backing any trader who demonstrates 6 months profitable trading using the strategies taught for a share of profits. What we look for is people who have applied themselves diligently and continued to work on their trading to the point that they are profitable on a month by month basis. The criteria we look for are traders who have achieved at least 3% profit per month for 6 months. The details and specifics will be discussed on an individual basis. Please note we are not looking for people to simply copy our trades but rather to be able to generate their own trading ideas in addition to the ones we come up with.

Get paid to trade

Would you like to get paid to trade? We have a number of partners who look for profitable traders to back financially or pay for their trading activities. If you can demonstrate at least 3 months profitable trading history then we will introduce you to companies who will pay you for every trade you execute on their platform. This can quickly add up to become a great income source ranging from $250 to $8,000 plus for doing something you are already doing – trading!

Get compensated for your trading signals

The third way you can make money from your trading in addition to trading your own capital is to be listed with social trading websites who pay you for your trading signals and trading activity. We know which ones to use and which ones to avoid and we will set you up with a social trading profile at no further cost and actively promote you to various companies. In turn you will be able to have people follow your trades and pay you for doing so. This assumes that you are a profitable trader and so your trading performance will be vetted by us to make sure that you are suitable for such programmes.

Pretty Comprehensive..end of day trading icon

So as you can see the programme is pretty comprehensive. You have a ton of valuable information and practical support to help you become a profitable trader. All that remains is to decide how important achieving your financial goals through trading is to you. We cannot guarantee success but we can make this promise – that if you are 100% serious about achieving success through trading then we are the best company for you. Our strategies are the best that you will find and we start from the top down – start from how to be a multimillion dollar trader and then give you all the tools and resources on how to get there. Our final word on this is going to be that if you are serious about trading then you cannot afford to miss this opportunity and we can confidently say you will not find anything even remotely close to it out there.

Opportunity for All

To give everyone an opportunity to become a trading success story we are offering this unique package at a very affordable and unbelievable value for money discounted price of £3,495 exc vat. This is a one time payment that gives you access to all of the above. We know we can offer this programme for easily 5 times what we are asking for it but our goal is to make it accessible to as many people as possible. You can spread the payment over 3 months for the price of £1,282 excl vat/month (total payment comes to £3,846 which includes a 10% surcharge to cover admin).


Final Note

Final note for anyone who asks – I’m sure there are some of you who may not see the value of this offer so let us reiterate something here because our belief is that everyone should be getting this programme. You are getting 45 hours of step by step video’s covering hedge fund level strategies (the result of many years hard work by the way), daily setup video’s from our founding head traders (not trainees) highlighting what we’re looking to trade in detail so you have a plan of action ahead of time, weekly one on one mentoring again with the head traders, highly accurate trading signals which we send out to our institutional clients as well as monthly group Q & A sessions. As if that’s not enough we will even show you how to grow your trading career starting from your business plan all the way to showing you 3 exit strategies for how to generate income from your trading on top of your own trading account! What more do you need? Now look at the offer again – are you starting to see the power of what you have in front of you?

Your Choice….

So now you have a choice – the long way or the short way? The long way is to try to figure all this stuff out yourself. It will end up costing you more time and more money as you go through the trial and error phase until you find something that works. The short way is to join us and do more in months than what would normally take you years. Over to you….

Please understand that there will be a vetting process for everyone who wants to join this programme before we even accept payment as we need to make sure you are suitable for us to work with. Remember we will be building a relationship with you and will be interacting regularly so it’s important for us to make sure that there is a good fit between yourself and ourselves.

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