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  • Pound/Dollar1.2411
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In addition to our educational programmes, we also have a number of services which have been developed to help traders become more profitable. These are:

Elite Mentoring Programme

This is designed to turn you from a normal trader to a full professional level trader capable of trading large amounts of funds profitably. So if you want to take your trading to the highest level possible then this could be for you.

Daily Market Reviews

This is where you receive daily video’s highlighting the setups for each day as they appear. Our traders scan the markets and look for potential trades that meet our trading rules and criteria. This gives you a heads up of what to look for so that you never miss a great trading opportunity. We divide this service for the FX market and the Stock’s market so just make sure you choose the correct subscription.

Trade Alerts

Want to be notified of not only great setups but also the exact moment they get triggered? Then this is the service for you. Our traders will not only scan the markets but notify you when the actual entry criteria has been met with a full description of the entry price, stop loss price and potential targets. This literally means you don’t have to do a thing and is suitable for people who want to benefit from the markets and our analysis without having to learn how to do it themselves.

Trade Copier Service

Imagine being at your desk at work and you receive one of our trade alerts. You like the look of the trade and decide you want to place it but you are on your way to a meeting. What do you? Do you miss out on the trade, do you place the order and run the risk of being late? Well now that is no longer a concern because our Trade copier service will place the trade for you. Click here for more info.

Get Our Latest Trading Tips Free!!

Welcome to the 5% club

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