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Funded Trader



Are you a trader wishing to learn and earn at the same time? Do you want the opportunity to get paid for your trading by us or another company? Perhaps you would like to have access to company trading capital rather than having to raise your own capital in order to start trading? If you answered yes to any of the above then our Funded Trader programme could be what you’re looking for. We created this 3 month programme to teach, mentor and give you access to your very own fully funded trading account (subject to terms and conditions of profitable performance). This solves the main problem for most retail traders – having access to sufficient trading capital i.e. most traders are under capitalised and have to rely on using high leverage in order to start seeing attractive returns from their trading activities. By being able to be paid for your trading performance, it means you can start to earn an income much more quickly than if you had to wait until you had built up enough funds to trade with.

Programme Structure

The Funded Trader Programme lasts for 3 months and is structured so that the first month is dedicated to learning the strategies tools and techniques needed to trade, based on our Forex Pro Trader course or Fibonacci Masters Course. Month two will be focused on live application and the last month will give traders access to a live account to start trading and be paid for their trading performance. A trader will be paid a set figure per pip/point achieved at the end of each month.

Live Fully Funded Trading Account

Get paid to trade from month 3 onwards. We will introduce you to our capital partners who are on the constant look out for profitable traders and happy to pay for trading services as good traders are always in high demand. There is a qualification process and terms and conditions that apply such as needing to hit a fixed number of pips each month in order to progress to higher remuneration levels. The income potential can range from $300 to $15,000 per month depending on the performance and profitability of each trader.


Email your application to us by referring to the contact details below. There will be a course fee due to cover the cost of the programme. Due to the reputation we have with our Capital partners, we carefully screen all applicants who wish to come on to this programme to make sure we only take on people who are committed to becoming profitable traders. As such, it is important that we know as much about you as possible hence a CV and covering letter help in this aspect. Please detail why you want to trade as a profession and what steps you have taken so far to realizing this dream. Once we receive your application, there will be a one to one consultation and if successful then you will be invited to join the programme, at which point the fees will then become due.

Please understand that trading is a serious business and not a part time hobby or a casual interest. If you wish to make it as a successful trader then you will need to make some sacrifices such as dedicating time and resources to mastering this business. We will not promise that you will become an overnight millionnaire or that it will be easy, but we can promise you that you will have the highest chance of being profitable with us. Our methods work, we will do all that we can to help you, but we will require you to do your part as without that it will be difficult to make this work.

Programme Fee

The fee for the 3 month programme is £995 + vat and this covers all the videos, instructions, support, mentorship and receiving a funded trading account. Although we could have charged a lot more for such a programme, we have decided to keep the price as affordable as possible in order to make it financially accessible to anyone who’s serious about our offering. Remember this is a 3 month hands on, fully immersive process where you will receive step by step instructions as well as daily support and guidance from our head traders.

Next Steps

Decide between which path you wish to take – whether the Forex route, the stocks route or both. The difference is that the FX Funded trader is geared towards day trading, the Multi Asset Funded Trader is geared towards position trading (non day trading), and the Trader Career Development Programme combines both over a 6 month duration.




FX Funded Trader

If you are looking to trade Forex exclusively then choose our FX Funded Trader Programme. Many traders succeed by focusing on one market and becoming and expert in it. There is no doubt that Forex offers tremendous income opportunities for the astute trader hence why we offer this as a separate programme. You will receive 3 month of training and support to help you trade profitably as well as a funded account. Suited to day traders, you will learn all the strategies taught on our FX Pro Trader programme.

Click here to download a brochure

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Email applications to or Click here to go to our Contact Us Form.



Multi Asset Funded Trader

The Multi Asset Funded Trader programme is designed to develop students into confident Swing or Position traders, who have the ability to trade any market, any timeframe and any asset class from anywhere in the world. Suitable for both new and experienced traders alike, this programme is the perfect way to gain an edge in your current trading or to start a new career in trading multiple asset classes, such as Stocks, Commodities, FX, Bonds and Futures.

This 3 month programme has been specifically designed to provide the necessary institutional level education, training and funding to committed traders.

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Click here to download the guidelines

Email applications to or Click here to go to our Contact Us Form.



Trader Career Development Programme

For those of you who wish to become all rounded traders and trade all markets including day trading Forex as well as position trading other markets then the Trader Career Development Programme could be the best choice. It is a 6 month programme and combines our Forex Pro programme and the Fibonacci Master Trader programme as well as a huge amount of support and a funded trading account. To get further details then simply download the brochure by clicking the link below. Please note the fee for this programme is £3,495 + vat and includes full daily support, access to over 45 hours of video instruction and structured mentorship.

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Email applications to or Click here to go to our Contact Us Form.

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