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AUDNZD Trade Update: Target Hit & Lessons To Learn

By Isaac Tekeste

In this video we follow up what happened to the AUDNZD trade setup identified a couple of weeks ago. It went on to hit the 9:1 target set but not in a straightforward way as you will see in the video! It demonstrates the principle of sticking to your plan and being prepared for different scenarios that could unfold while you’re in a trade.

June Trade Setup Follow up…..

follow up

In this post we go through a setup which produced a 700 pip move from a previously identified buying zone. What’s interesting is the way in which this developed as most retail traders would have been trading in the opposite direction to this move. It emphasises the difference between retail trading and institutional trading and breaks down how smart money was playing this market…

Trade Setup on 3rd June 2015

trade setups

Here’s a recent trade which setup on GBPUSD. It demonstrates why it is important to have a trading plan rather than just jumping into any opportunity. As a day trader it is tempting to just go with the immediate momentum of the market. So if the trend over the last few days has been up then we would normally only look for buying opportunities as these would be the higher probability trades. It is much easier to make money in a trend than it is to go against it. Believe me, I have had my fair share of trying to capture the top or bottom of a market and it is a very difficult thing to do. Chances are that you will get it wrong many times and by the time you finally get it right then you will lose the confidence to trade.

The question arises though, which trend should you trade? The dominant one or the intermediary one? What is the difference? Which one is more profitable?

Stop Hunts & and Market Manipulation

by Isaac Tekeste

Have you ever been in a trade and price reversed and went against you almost as soon as you entered the trade?  Have you then got stopped out only to watch price go in your intended direction without you? Why does that happen? Well it is easy to think in such situations that the markets are against you or that someone must be watching your every move. And to a degree – you are right, someone is watching over your shoulder and the markets do move against you. The problem is that unless you know what to look for, then this will continue to happen again and again. The question is how can you prevent it from reoccurring? How can you ensure you are on the right side of the market rather than on the wrong side? Let’s break down what is going on in the mind of a retail trader and then look at what is actually happening in the market.

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