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Forex Pro Trader Programme



Did You Know? 10 Banks control over 80% of the Forex market

Did you also know that 95% of retail traders lose money? The question is why do so many people lose money in this business?jump_the_hurdle

The main answer is because they are being taught the retail way of trading using tools strategies and techniques which do not work. They don’t really understand the market they’re trading – what moves it and why as well as who the big players are. Forex is dominated by the big banks and in order to be successful in this business then you must understand how the banks manipulate the markets for their own gain. Bank manipulation is not a new phenomena but something that has been in the markets for decades. The key is recognising it so that you don’t get  caught out in the process. We teach you how to spot bank manipulation zones so that you can trade like the big banks and not like the amateurs who get taken for a ride by them!

If you want to be part of the 5% who make money then you need to use the tools and strategies that institutional traders use. These are the guys who make money off the ones who don’t. Smart money (institutional traders such as investment banks) and market makers control the Forex market so unless you trade in the same way that they do, then you will find it extremely difficult to make money consistently.

Have you ever had your stop loss taken out only for price to then go in your intended direction? Or have you entered a trade only for price to reverse and go in the exact opposite position? Ever wondered why that happens? It’s because your stops have been hunted by market makers and the big banks to provide liquidity for their position. Often times they will be buying when you’re looking to sell and selling when you’re looking to buy! How do you get out of such a frustrating spiral? Only by putting on the eyes of a market maker. This is what our Forex programme is all about – being able to think and act like a market maker instead of a market victim.


What type of trader are you?

Are you an experienced trader looking for an extra edge? We will show you what you have been missing. Do you want to know how to day trade forex properly? That is our forte.Are you someone who is new to trading and wants to know the right way of doing things? This programme will teach you everything you need to know

What does the Programme Cover:

The programme consists of a course of 18 hours of videos covering 15 topics in total and recorded in clear modular form. It isn’t a recording of a seminar which is cut up into sections but actual high quality recordings done for this site exclusively. This is cutting edge information that will not be found anywhere else on the web or on any other programme.

Introductory concepts

  • What Forex is and isn’t, who created it and why.
  • Retail Versus Smart Money Trading – identify mistakes that all new traders make – guaranteed you are making at least one of these
  • Understanding the various market participants and their objectives
  • Predictive versus reactive trading – understanding market cause and effect
  • Indicators – an institutional perspective
  • Understanding liquidity and order flow – the backbone to making money in any market
  • Essential trading psychology – how millionaire traders think
  • Correct technical analysis charting and sentiment assessment
  • Price action and the insight into market participation
  • Identifying smart money trader footprints
  • Introduction to market structure – cycles, trends and market conditions
  • The real essential tools of the trade


Advanced Concepts

  • Understanding bank manipulation and how to profit from it
  • Identifying smart money movements in the short term and long term time-frames
  • Intraday market structure and daily positioning of each currency pair 
  • Price prediction techniques
  • Impulse, momentum and accumulation – methods of order distribution
  • Locating smart money trading levels to initiate trades
  • Identifying additional high probability trading zones
  • Entry techniques and trading criteria
  • Distinguishing between ideal and non ideal setups
  • Structured explanation of our main powerful institutional trading strategy
  • Detailed step by step trade examples for complete clarity

And much much more...

Choose which package suits you most:

 Gold Package:

    •  12 months access to the Pro Trader course covering all the topics above and any updates to the content. You can go through the 18 hour video’s as fast or as slow as you want and recap them as many times as necessary.


    •  12 months access to our exclusive members forum where you can meet other like minded traders and form a trading team.


    • Bonus 1: 2 month access to our daily trading guide created by our head traders highlighting which currency pairs to focus on for the day as well as the strategy and entry levels to watch. This is invaluable as it will give you a plan of action for the day so that you are not left alone but can see clearly how to implement the strategies taught.


Total package price £1,495 excl vat but an introductory discount of up to 50% is applicable for a limited time only

Payment Options:

Option 1: 50% discount £749 excl VAT

Option 2: 2 months instalment plan for the price of £495 per month ( £990)  excl vat  


Forex Funded Trader Programme

Platinum package gets you all of the above with the following additions:

  • A Funded Trading Account from one of our Capital Partners
  • Get paid to Trade with payments ranging from $1/pip to $16/pip for every pip earned at the end of each month
  • 12 months access to the Fx Pro Trader course 
  • 12 months access to our members forum
  • 4 months access to the Daily Trading Guide
  • 4 month access to our Daily Trade Setup videos
  • Weekly group mentoring sessions! You get to ask your questions and we will answer them as well as develop you as an all rounded trader
  • Monthly one on one mentoring sessions to track your progress individually and assess performance

 Application Process:

Please note the Funded Trader programme is open to new and experienced traders alike. Although previous experience is an advantage, it isn’t essential, as full training will be provided along with extensive ongoing support. To apply for this programme please submit a CV and covering letter detailing why you are interested in becoming a Forex Funded Trader. There will be a one on one consultation and if successful then applicants will be invited to join the programme at which point the fees will then become due. The price for this programme is £995 exc vat 

To learn more about the FX Funded programme click here

To apply, simply click here.




Get Our Latest Trading Tips Free!!

Welcome to the 5% club

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