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About Us

Trade Simple Trade Smart is made up of a number of highly experienced London based traders who have carved a career for themselves in the financial markets. The founding partners have a combined 23 years trading experience across multiple asset classes and trading instruments. The one vision shared in the company is a total dedication to the markets. Every member of the TSTS team is passionate about trading and dedicated to becoming the best trader they can be. Trading is a journey and as experienced as the traders at TSTS are, they are also dedicated students of the markets.

Meet the key team members….

Carl Woodhouse

Carl began his career in trading immediately after high school at the young age of 16, when he joined the London Stock Exchange 2 year youth training programme. He then went on to work for HSBC at the London International Financial Futures and Option Exchange (LIFFE) as a TRS Clerk or Yellow Jacket, where he was introduced to the fast paced world of open outcry trading.

In the year 2000 when the LIFFE floor closed he went on to work for several different CFD and Stock brokers including the inter dealer broking company ICAP.

Carl then followed his passion for trading by entering the world of spread betting,where he joined Finspreads and then City Index as a desk trader. Whilst there was exposed to and executed thousands of trades on behalf of private and institutional clients in a vast variety of asset classes, such as Stocks, Commodities, Bonds, Interest Rates and Forex. During his career Carl was been able to study and interact with the world’s financial markets from an institutional perspective, this has allowed him to understand their approach to trading the markets and more importantly how it differs from the majority of private or retail traders.

Carl along with his partners at Trade Simple Trade Smart, have now come together to create a unique trading education company that combines and teaches institutional level trading strategies to private, professional and amateur traders.

Isaac Tekeste

Isaac ventured into full time trading in 2008 although he had held an interest in the markets and dabbled a little since 2002. Prior to this Isaac ran a successful financial advisory and mortgage business but lost a vast majority of his clients in the financial downturn. This forced him to look at other business opportunities with the single criteria that it had to be something which was recession proof and didn’t require staff or significant overheads or any of the traditional obstacles associated with a normal business. Trading was the only business that fulfilled this so he decided to pursue it as a career. Isaac went on to work for a leading trading education company as a senior trading mentor where he immersed himself in the markets with other traders. He then left the company a few years later to setup his own private trading fund and trading education service which he does till this day.

Isaac has spoken on various stages across Europe on trading, financial planning, wealth building and success psychology. He has also taught and mentored hundreds of people on how to trade and enjoys communicating with traders at all levels.

Isaac heads the Forex arm of TSTS and has chosen to focus on Forex due to it’s liquidity and intra day trading opportunity flow. Having been mentored by successful traders along his journey, he is keen to pass on his knowledge to budding traders to help them on their journey to trading success.

Get Our Latest Trading Tips Free!!

Welcome to the 5% club

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